How To Update Your Kitchen - HomeDepot Com

By Gavin | September 05, 2018

When it comes entertaining, the kitchen is undoubtedly Grand Central Station, not only is it a hub for gatherings, but also a place where the right look and feel can really set the tone for memorable entertaining this holiday season, why not let the Home Depot transform your kitchen from bland to grand? A minimal investment is all that's required for less than a thousand dollars, the Home Depot can help you make a few changes to upgrade your kitchen and increase the value of your home, let's head to the Home Depot now. We can show you how it's done.

Let's begin with a fresh coat of paint, nothing changes the face of a room, like paint, choose colors that set the tone you want, go with warm reds, and yellows for a Tuscan feel, neutrals for a classic traditional feel, or vibrant colors for a modern look, and feel for our model kitchen, we chose a neutral color and bears premium plus ultra interior line, it's a revolutionary paint and primer, all in one amazing and it's available at the home depot to underscore the new paint, which will do wonders for your kitchen, think about purchasing wall tile also known as backsplash, the Home Depot offers an affordable assortment of ceramic porcelain glass and natural stone options in a range of colors and patterns, it's a small investment, that will add value to your home for our kitchen model, we went with a glass mosaic pattern stylish affordable and adds a lot of flavor, now when it comes to flavor, adding an upgraded faucet sink combo is vital for your next faucet, consider Delta's Kate pulldown faucet, pulldown faucets are the latest trend, they offer style and functionality, so you get the best of both worlds, the Delta Faucet switches from spray to stream with the touch of a button, it's a really nice feature, use the sprayer when you need extra pressure to fill pots and pans, and the stream function to wash delicate vegetables like lettuce or tomatoes, we paired up this awesome faucet with a matching stainless steel sink, stainless steel looks good, it's durable and it's affordable, I love it, while stainless steel is one option at the Home Depot, you can choose from a large selection of sinks based on your needs taste and budget arrange, for the Home Depot's professional delivery and installation, or if you like do-it-yourself visit, though you'll find hundreds of articles and videos with step-by-step instructions to repair, upgrade, and install a host of do-it-yourself items with that in mind.

Let's move on to a smaller element that carries a lot of weight cabinet hardware, like accessories, complement an outfit knobs, enhanced kitchen cabinetry, in fact, replacing Hardware can create a new look for your kitchen immediately and focused the overall design of the room, the Home Depot has a broad selection of affordably priced cabinet hardware, but if you find a knob you like and it's too expensive to use on all your cabinetry, just buy enough to install on the upper cabinets, since they'll have the most impact at eye level, later add similar knobs or pools to the bottom cabinetry.

Let's head over to the brightest spot in the store - the lighting section, lighting can make or break a kitchen, but adding quality lighting doesn't have to involve exhaustive remodeling nor bust your budget at the Home Depot, you can do it for less than you might think for the model kitchen, we choose pendant lighting, it's simple functionality makes it a popular choice for kitchens for a dramatic effect, we installed under cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting can drastically change the look of a kitchen, it offers task lighting as well as a soft ambient glow, that can be controlled with the touch of a dimmer switch, dimmers have come a long way from the old round knobs, they still allow you to control light levels, but now they come in a variety of styles, you might say they've improved with age, now as far as improvements, go changing from standard plate covers to a decorative plate cover, can add a lot of interest to rooms, they come in a variety of types and designs to accent your unique style. The Home Depot has many beautiful plate covers to choose from online or in the store.

To complete our holiday kitchen makeover we need to make one more important upgrade, that's molding, molding can add a formal or casual touch to your home, it creates new architectural interests as well as value to your kitchen for our model kitchen, we chose traditional crown molding, the Home Depot offers many styles and materials for every core.

As you can see, with just a few hours of hard work, a minimal investment and expert advice from the Home Depot, you too could transform your kitchen for Less, this kitchen is now contemporary and energy-saving, we even found a state-of-the-art small appliances at the Home Depot, however, if you've got a little more in your budget to spend, why not take your kitchen makeover or a step further, the Home Depot has a wide selection of affordable large kitchen appliances to fit your lifestyle, that includes Energy Star appliances too, and if you don't want to pick them up yourself, we can deliver and install them for you, I should mention that all of the design elements in this post can be found in the Home Depot stores and online at, so as you prepare your home for the holidays, start online, and then head to the store for less than $1000, we transform this kitchen from the land Central Station to Grand Central Station, and now it's back on track for holiday entertaining, you too can do it with help from the Home Depot.