Home Depot App For Consumers

By Gavin | November 27, 2019

I want to talk about the Home Depot app, there are some cool features in it. Right here it's just going to be the Home Depot app for consumers, and they also have an app for the pros, which we're going to go into deep. Now is the pro one, more than Dan told me about the consumer one, and the consumer one is cool. Do you think one tool is never enough to gear.com that's where you buy it exactly,  anybody can use this app?


Show you exactly how it works

The great thing about this app and the great thing about Home Depot, in general, is when you go to Home Depot, there's always someone there and their orange apron that's going to greet you at the door, sometimes on a Saturday it's really busy or you don't want to talk to those, whatever you can just whip out the app.

I'm looking for light bulbs, you could talk to the app. Now see light bulbs and it will tell you what I'll come, how cool it knows you're in a lot of times, they come to the store now I'm spending 10 minutes anything where's this. I know it's over in this area, but as you said, talk to it boom tells you exactly what bin it's in anything.

We're going to just do a little experiment here. We're just going to show you exactly how it works. Now let's say I can do way more than we're talking about here, right now you could be sitting at home, you could order products for me I believe. I'm not sure the home depot app does it, where you can scan a barcode to believe it does.

You can scan it boom and buy from Home Depot

You can just scan a barcode, so if you're at home and you're running low on chloride, you can scan it boom, buy from Home Depot, and you can pick it up at the store, they ant the way it set up, I think are we doing overlays.

One thing that's cool that I like is it shows you your closest store and how late it's open till. I'm always trying to figure out how lights just might be 9 p.m., holiday it's open toll, right here tells you we're open until 10 o'clock, and it's very easy to navigate very easy to use.

You can make your shopping list all sorts of different things, and it usually comes up with discounts, and right now it comes up with shop LED lighting, it saves 50%. It just knows what store you're in, it knows if the part you're looking for is in stock.

Name something and find it without the Home Depot

We're going to experiment, real fast, name something, and we're going to find it without the Home Depot. Name something, bathroom, bathroom fixture, bathroom pictures are easy. What do you want to do? Do something hard like a gas valve, a new car, they also do cars, do gas valve.

That's going to be interesting because there are different types of gas valves, and that's one of those things that you look for a gas valve for a dryer. There we go, we're going to tap that top one, and it's going to tell us that it's in stock aisle 7 Bay 13. We'll see Bay 13 14:51 stuff, that was it. It was that easy.

It told us and we talked to a home depot guy who told us about the basis. This is cool, we never knew right on the side up. Here you can see this, there's a yellow sticker on all these bins aisle 7, it tells you aisle 7 Bay 13, so you know exactly where it is.

The app can help find the brand new and not displayed item

Another Home Depot trick that we know about is if you go and sometimes stuff's not stocked, especially if it's a popular or new item, they might have it up top. They call it one time, I came in looking for Milwaukee flyers, and they just come out and the app set it had him, and you know everybody guarded we don't have them, but the tool guy found them.

They say it says no home, let's go to where I put the no home items, he called them and sure enough was brand new in a box, we just haven't had a display for him yet. Home Depot saves you a lot of time, a lot of aggravation. I think you don't want to be bothered by a Home Depot guy.

I don't I like the Home Depot guys because not only that they'll come down here, and they'll tell you this valve, but don't ask you what do you need that valve for. A very good question helped a very good point, it helps you out. But what I like sometimes when I come in I know what I want exactly, I just want to go and get it, I don't want to be bothered. I just want to get my stuff.

The app worked better than the temporary staffs

But if you're like closing action, you think what I get the right valve and then you go home, the home people guy might be something some wool weight. If you're doing that kind of job you might want to do this, and that's happened to me a lot of times, and that's where I like Home Depot. They're really good about that.

You everybody here is knowledgeable, even like the little old ladies that work on the weekends, like they know paint inside and out, it's crazy what could be wrong, but I felt like a lot of the guys I hired were contractor baby boy, that could be wrong.

You don't be cool is if I worked on people for a dam we filmed it that would be cool, that'd be pretty cool, let's still see if I could get through without getting fired. Tools attention remember for more exciting tool action go to toolsinaction.com.